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Many times people and families are put into a difficult decision. Either put a loved one whom they care about in a home or take time out of their day to make sure that they are taken care of.  Option 1 is the hardest and most expensive to do. Especially if you don't have MediCAID waiver or long term care insurance.  Plus it's not always the option that people want to happen, but they have a job and don't have the time to give that the person that they cherish deserves.
This is where private in home care comes into play. If they can not perform more than 3 ADL's (adult daily living activities) and they have Medicaid Waiver, we can get the care giving needed at no cost (a MediCAID Spend Down may be needed). If they make too much or have to much for Medicaid Waiver, do not worry I specialize in Nebraska Spend Downs (click on Medicaid Spend Down tab for more information).
If they have long term care, we can consult with your Insurance company about their inability to take of them selves and the need for private in home care.
If Medicaid Waiver or Private Insurance are not an option their is a third option of Private Pay.
Apostle Nursing Home Health Care is a medical company

The Caring Process

  • Initial Call and Meeting to Discuss Needs and Preferences
  • Checklist to Determine Care Provider
  • Caring Services Provided
  • Regular Follow-up to Evaluate Care

Mission Statement: Our goal at Apostle Nursing Home Health Care is to keep people out of Long Term Care Facilities.